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Determining which 3D modeling skill is most desirable in interior design

If you desire purely drafting applications, that is, software only to create 2d drawings to send to contractors, many companies may nevertheless desire AutoCad. It is old software, it’s past its Best Before date, and most firms have moved on to other (better) things. Yet it is still probably the most common 2d currently drafting […]

Personal finance doesn’t have to be a puzzle

For more and more people, their own finance is a puzzle that appears not possible to determine. The typical American can still not retire unavailable, and can make about one million dollars within a lifetime. The best action to take would be to stay away from it if you believe like the marketplace is not […]

Solar intermittency

From the academic literature: A key problem with solar energy is intermittency: solar generators produce only when the sun is shining, adding to social costs and requiring electricity system operators to reoptimize key decisions. We develop a method to quantify the economic value of large-scale renewable energy. We estimate the model for southeastern Arizona. Not […]

Investing in a familiar industry

With our existing recession winding down, there are quite a few good investments to be done within the stock marketplace. Most investors are invested these days in only large cap stocks which, generally, move with the exact direction of the industry. It isn’t possible for a retail investor to purchase or sell stocks directly within […]

Nordic politicians are debating…

Back-to-school angst isn’t merely for children. Several Nordic countries are now debating a proposal to send them back to school, to keep up senior citizens with the times. “To prepare for tomorrow we need to think out of the box,” writes Nordic Council rapporteur Poul Nielson. This is with regards to the future of work […]