Lumberjack and Tree Surgeon Sports

Not all lumberjacks remain lumberjacks. It may be a profitable vocation, but it can be a dangerous one as well. As such some lumberjacks become artists gaining fame for their pieces while others may decide to apply their skill with trees to becoming a tree surgeon. Wood from tree surgery can be taken into a number of industries, from home construction to furniture and even specific things like firewood kindling. given that some college students get a summer job as a lumberjack, it is possible to come across a lumberjack in almost any walk of life. Given the respect that we give lumberjacks in our culture as symbols of an earlier, simpler time it is not surprising that there are celebrations and competitions.

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Most of those are found in Canada and the Northern United States, with the largest competition is the World Lumberjack Competition in Wisconsin. The competitions provide lumberjacks with the chance to meet friends that they have missed all year, rivalries friendly and otherwise are given fresh starts, and people get to find out who is the best at what they do. The hoopla can even involve guest stars involved Johnny Cash received a chainsaw-carved statue when he attended the event. The competitions can become celebrations in their own right, celebrating the ideal of the lumberjack alongside the reality.

The exact number of challenges depends on the competition the World Lumberjack Competition has 21, divided into men's, women's, team categories. The event generally including some variations of sawing, chopping, climbing, and log rolling, as well as a few added events. Sawing can involve chainsaws as well as giant two-man saws. Chopping usually involves seeing how fast competitors, both as singles and doubles, can chop through a piece of wood. Climbing is a race to the top of a pole using standard gear. Log rolling pits man versus on a single log last man standing wins, and using control of the log to stop it, speed it, sow it, and even reverse it. The games can get rather intense.

There are also events that have little to do with traditional lumberjacking. Carving a wooden statue using either hand axes or a chainsaw is one. Another is axe-tossing, both for distance and accuracy. There are also combination events, such as the relay that involves teams with members specializing in sawing, climbing, and racing across the logs. Points are tallied for each competition won and placed, and the overall winner in each category is given a trophy, as well as the winners of each event. Winning can be really tough, as the winner must be the fastest, strongest, and have the fiercest will.

Besides being fun the competitions celebrate the ideal of being a lumberjack rather than the reality. Sometimes we need to remember the reality of the situation, and sometimes we need to hearken back to its ideal. The lumberjack competitions remind us of the ideal that some may have forgotten, when men were men and lived lives of danger for pence while caring into the new frontier it is that inner lumberjack that is celebrated, even if the lumberjack has become a tree surgeon in Birmingham.