United States Axemens Association
                     USAA Charter                        

     Purpose:  To present a unified voice for the advancement of lumberjack sports in the
                      United States.

     Goals:     1. To increase the national exposure of lumberjack sports in the United States by:
                          a.) having the results of major U.S. competitions published in national and
                               regional newspapers and periodicals.
                          b.) assisting in the publication of feature and human interest stories about
                                lumberjack sports and lumberjack sports competitors.
                          c.) promoting increased television exposure for our sport.
                      2. To obtain increased corporate sponsorship for lumberjack sports contests
                           thereby increasing the monetary rewards available to the individual competitor.

                       Membership in the US Axemen's Association is open to all members of local,
                       State, and regional woodsmen's associations. Each individual organization must
                       vote in favor of becoming a part of the US Axemen's Association. Once
                       approved, all members of that organization will automatically be considered to be
                       members of the U.S. Axemen's Association. Individual memberships will be
                       considered, on a case by case basis, for those competitors who are not
                       currently members of a regional organization.

     Board of Directors:
                       The Board of Directors will consist of the president or his/her selected
                       representative from each of the regional woodsmen's associations. In addition,
                       the board may (or may not) appoint up to five additional directors from the
                       general membership. Terms of office will coincide with the terms of office of the
                       associate organizations. Appointed directors will serve terms of one year.

     Annual Meetings:
                       To be held in Webster Springs, WV on Memorial Day weekend; Rochester, MN
                       on the third weekend of June; and/or in Boonville, NY on the third weekend of
                       August; or at a place and time agreed upon by the Board of Directors. Each
                       member of the Board must either attend these meetings or appoint someone to
                       represent them in their absence.

     Powers and Limitations:
                       1. This Association will:
                            a.) take whatever actions are deemed necessary by the Board of Directors to
                                 attain the Goals outlined in this Charter.
                            b.) be available to advise interested parties on resources to help organize and
                                  run contests.
                            c.) be available to offer advice to, and negotiate problems with, existing
                                 contests on behalf of the membership.
                            d.) provide a unified group which will be able to use appropriate measures to
                                 ensure the rights of the competitors.
                            e.) facilitate communication between the various regional lumberjack sport
                            f.) provide a contact point for international lumberjack sport associations for
                                information and questions, and assist in the selection of teams to represent
                                the United States in international competition.

                        2. This Association will not:
                             a.) sanction, legislate to, or attempt to run any contests.
                             b.) get involved in petty disputes which can be handled on a local level.
                             c.) take any action unless voted on and approved by the Board of Directors.  

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